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Tag Heuer’s Brand Overview

Tag Heuer’s name can be accompanied with lines such as Tag Heuer Formula 1, Monaco, Carrera and Grand Carrera. These products are marketed by Tag Heuer using brand ambassadors who are at the top of their chosen sport or career. Targeting only the best of the best, Tag Heuer has created a status symbol which people strive to be like or obtain the watch which relates to their chosen sports idol or movie idol.


The current brand ambassadors for TAG Heuer are:

● Lewis Hamilton the Current F1 world champion;

● Tiger Woods, the world’s number one gold player;

(See appendix - 2 for image of Tiger Woods promotional material)

● Brad Pitt one of the worlds best actors

(See appendix - 3 for image of Brad Pitt promotional material)

● Leonardo DiCaprio - a very popular actor and environmental activist.

● Maria Sharapova –Ladies world number one tennis player.

Tag Heuer has used these brand ambassadors to their full potential through effective advertising campaigns and public relations.

Maria Sharapova used the following quote to represent how she felt about being chosen to be a brand ambassador for TAG Heuer -

"To represent a brand as legendary as TAG Heuer is a great honor. TAG Heuer has been teaming with the greatest champions in the history of sports, renowned athletes like Carl Lewis, Ayrton Senna or nowadays Tiger Woods, and famous teams like Ferrari and McLaren," she said.

This just shows how TAG Heuer has always gone with the greatest superstars, when promoting their product ranges.

Tag Heuer has used effective positioning of their brand, as well as placing boutique stores in central locations of capital cities, effectively helping them to create a stronger brand. A store in a central location can be more effective than marketing and advertising, due to the fact that passers by have daily exposure to the business.

An example of this can be found on the TAG Heuer website where

a boutique, in the heart of Europe, was opened. This store is a show case of TAG Heuer’s products, and the company is the market leader in Europe for their watches, currently having 19 boutique stores in Hungary alone. TAG Heuer website

Tag Heuer has created even stronger brand equity by developing different lines of products with the TAG Heuer logo and name on them. These products include sun glasses and mobile phones.  The mobile phone that is released by TAG Heuer is named the ‘Meridiist’ and is sold in the UK with select watch and jewelry retailers; the mobile phone is priced at around £3000.


Tag Heuer being an innovative watch company and by exploring additional sources of revenue, by launching products into other categories, it has paid off quite well for TAG Heuer. The successful brand extension can also reinforce a brand's position due to the increased publicity and consumer excitement that it has generated. Tag Heuer's ‘Meridiist’ will also cement its position as the leading brand among watch retailers.

Tag Heuer has developed itself to be a market leader in the Hong Kong market and to make its brand stronger in the upscale sports watch market. The world wide approach that TAG Heuer has adopted has helped the brand develop into one of the strongest in the Asian market.

TAG Heuer’s goal of becoming the market leader in the Hong Kong market was achieved via the effective use of marketing by the brand and using advertising to target clients and effective public relation activities.

TAG Heuer’s original product lines in the Hong Kong market were modern, simple watches targeting both males and females. The pricing strategy which they used was a prestige pricing approach which worked effectively for the brand.

Tag Heuer has also moved into the Asian market along side Hong Kong to drive its products into other markets in the region. Another popular TAG Heuer store in the Asian region is the TAG Heuer store in Tokyo Japan. Tag Heuer has gone for a clean and simple look which has been embraced by design students as being innovative.

TAG Heuer targeting the Prestige market has once again been successful in the Japanese market with their store.

The effective sponsorship marketing techniques, through use of brand ambassadors, product positioning and effective advertising are they key reasons why TAG Heuer is the market leader in Swiss Watches and other brands aspire to have the same brand equity as TAG Heuer.

According to the primary research which I conducted it showed that TAG Heuer was a very well know brand in the market place with over 17 people out of the 20, having seen advertising for the TAG Heuer brand, which shows that TAG Heuer is a very well known brand with strong equity in the market.

In relation to TAG Heuer’s high profile brand ambassadors, seven respondents found that the TAG Heuer brand ambassadors have an influence on the purchase of a TAG Heuer product.

 This is a great targeted advertising piece that targets the Automotive market through the Lewis Hamilton branded racing watch.

This is an excellent advertising piece, as it targets the business man directly, and the status symbol of Brad Pitt being an ambassador to the brand will drive people to purchase the product.


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Tag Heuer Phone

Tag Heuer Phone

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Tiger Woods Advertising

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