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Tissot watch with a brown band.

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  Tissot with a silver band and black face.

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Tissot with a black band.

tissot with a black band


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Tissot Brand Overview

Tissot has created their brand equity through using a more subdued approach to marketing and promotion of their products.

Tissot is the official timekeeper for the world championships in cycling, motorcycling, fencing and ice hockey which are all quite respectable events to be sponsoring, in building brand equity.

Tissot has been known in recent years for its T-Touch technology. This new technology includes a touch sensitive sapphire glass, compasses, barometers, altimeters and thermometers. These features appeal to the out door savvy watch buyer which is where Tissot has been acquiring a lot of business from in recent years.

The T-Touch watches have been featured in popular movies, including ‘Lara Crofts Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life’ and ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith.’ Both these product placements have been great sources of advertising to build Tissot’s brand equity effectively.  

Tissot has also enhanced their brand image and equity by being the official timekeeper for the 2006 Doha games. The Doha games ran for 15 days from December 1st to 15th and is a very popular sporting event in the Asian market.


Through this, Tissot has been able to increase its global presence and change consumers through its sporting presence. Tissot has also effectively advertising its brand via the World Championships of Fencing, Cycling, Ice Hockey and Moto GP being the official time keeper for all these events. However, being the official time keeper of the DOHA games is definitely an outstanding achievement which increased the brand equity of the Tissot brand.

Tissot has also built brand equity by using brand ambassadors and the current brand ambassadors include lesser know personalities, who use public relations to promote the Tissot brand.

    ● Nicky Hayden -American MotoGP Rider

    ● Danica Patrick - American Indycar Driver

(See Appendix – 5 for promotional material featuring Danica Patrick)

    ● Michael Owen - English Footballer

    ● Barbie Hsu - Taiwanese Actress

    ● Deepika Padukone - Indian Actress

    ● Thomas Lüthi - Swiss 250cc Rider


One of Tissot’s most influential brand ambassadors would have to be Danica Patrick, the first female Indy car driver. Tissot released a signature watch named after her, which includes a mother of pearl face, with 58 top Wesselton diamonds. The watch is part of only 2007 units which will be released world wide and will include Patrick’s engraved signature on the limited edition time piece.

Through the primary research I conducted outside a watch store it showed that Tissot was a lesser know brand in comparison to TAG Heuer, with only five people having seen advertising from Tissot and 15 people not noticing Tissot advertising. None of the respondents said that the brand ambassadors for Tissot would have an impact on the overall purchase of a Tissot branded watch, yet this could be due to the fact that in Australia these Tissot brand ambassadors are unknown to the local market, whereas the TAG Heuer brand ambassadors are know to the local market.

Danica nascar advertising